Intuitive Services

Reiki Healing +  Deal Kent, Stress +  Deal Kent, In Touch Therapies +  Deal Kent, Reiki Distant Healing  Deal Kent , Neck Tension +Deal Kent  Tension Headache + Deal Kent  Raw Food Coach +  Deal Kent Anxiety +  Deal Kent Deep Relaxation +  Deal Kent
These are just a few of the additional services I offer my clients. If 
you need help with any of these issues otanything else then email me at morag.turner@btconnect.com and I will do  my best to help you. 

Card Readings - I am love helping peple by using my intititive skills to provide card readings. Helping bring clarity to many aspects of yoour life. These can be done either by zoom or on the phone - cost of a reading is £25.00 for 30 minutes.
Card Reading
Card Redaing
Price: £25.00

Meditation – Learn to meditate and quieten the mind    something you can do yourself every day for deep relaxation.

Spiritual Nutrition/ Living Foods – Learn what to eat to maximise not only your physical energy but your spiritual energy too.

Intuitive Guidance – I offer intuitive guidance session for clients on a range of issues these can be booked face to face or remotely.

Developing your own Intuition - I help and encourage clients to develop and work with their own intuition.

Space Clearing – Do you want your surroundings to nurture you ? Then clear negative energy from your home or office.

Meeting your guides - If you are drawn to developing you own intuition and working with your guides. I can help you coonect with them.

Connecting to Spirit - I dont offer an accredited mediumship course if you are already  working with spirit or interested in connecting to spirit I can offer help and guidance.

Animal Communication – I help owners understand why their animals are stressed or sad.

Cutting Cords - Energetically clearing any connections that no longer serve you.