"After 4 years of trying to conceive naturally we decided to try IVF but also found there were additional complications which meant I could of never conceived naturally. It was very difficult time for my husband and I and without Morag's support and help and wonderful Reiki and Reflexology sessions I don t think I would of got through it all. I am delighted to say that I now have a gorgeous baby boy."Niomi Lingfield  

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I am a fully trained maternity relexologist.

Sometimes all the body needs is the opportunity to relax and go back into balance in order to help conception and maintain a healthy pregnancy. 

More and more research is being done into the effects of stress on fertility. 

Recent research I have studied suggests that hormones released by the body when you are stressed may suppress other hormones needed to be released by the body for ovulation.  

My first fertility success was many years ago just after a few weeks of qualifying as reflexologist . My client had been trying to conceive for several years  After her third  Reflexology session  treatment with me, she fell pregnant. All she needed to do, was relax and release tension held deep with her body.

Since then I have helped many couples in East Grisntead and surronding areas with fertility issues.

There are times when there are complicated circumstances surrounding fertility issues and then extra medical support is needed. 

During Pregnancy

It is important to look after yourself during your pregnancy and feel relaxed and pampered. Receiving Reiki and Reflexology during pregnancy may help relax you to relive  back aches, morning sickness, fluid retention etc

Post Pregnancy Mummy and Baby Session

Why not book a treatment for your new born baby and yourself. Baby's often benefit from Reiki or Reflexology soon after the birth. After treating baby there is usually time to give Mum a treat too !