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Meet Morag

I have worked in the city on a trading floor and taught scuba diving. My own spiritual journer has lead to a place were I now am  holistic therapist and teacher and counseller.

I would best describe myself as a Spiritual Traveller I have been inspired and taught within many traditions of healing that have helped me make the most of the natural gifts that I was born with.

I spent the first seven years of my life living on the edge of the Malaysian jungle. I would toddle off in the morning and be cared for by whoever was around. I am sure this amazing start in life have given me the curiosty and openess to everything the world has to offer.

By combing modern science, mentoring and ancient diagnostic and healing methods I help individuals achieve radiant health and improve their life on many levels.

I am an alchemist in helping  people identify and bring their worries,fears,doubts, blockages, insecurities and health issues to the surface so they can be released in a safe and caring environment.

  • Reiki Master
  • Reflexologist  (MAR)  and member of the AOR
  • Indian Head Massage 
  • Ayurvedicanti ageing Facials 
  • Raw and  Living Foods Teacher
  • Personalised Treatments in Deep Relaxation
  • Intuitive Services
  • Therapeutic Counselling
  • Journeys of Awakening
  • Anamchara - Soul Friend