Therapeutic Counselling

"I decided to approach Morag for a bit of work on what was left of my spirit. It had taken a bit of a pummelling – lost business, marriage, house etc. She really helped turn things around for me so that I was better able to deal with the situation in a much calmer, more relaxed and philosophical way. It didn’t change the situation but it changed the way I thought about it and dealt with it, and that in the long term has proven even more valuable -.Graham Scott"

Therapeutic Counselling offers a safe and secure environment in which you will be able to talk about any difficulties or problems you maybe facing in life.

My role will involve supporting you in re-establishing an experience of Wellbeing. You will be shown how to relax and live life with a greater degree of Personal Awareness and ease.

Feeling a deeper Caring and Compassion for yourself and others. 

email me at morag.turner@btconnect.com for a consulataion.

I work with a unique approach to Healing - supporting your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing.

Therapeutic Counselling is about embracing the abundance of potential within your
 own lives – Life is our teacher, and Growth is not possible without change. As you experience more harmony you will again feel the nourishing experience of inner peace and contentment. Expansive Breathing lets life in! So I often guide clients in specific Breath work to open up the lungs and feel a greater sense of vitality and wellness.

When you release residual tensions lurking in the musculature of the body – you open to the possibility of receiving life fully with each breath - You start to say Yes to Life. 
Each cell in your body is revitalised, replenished and rejuvenated and you begin to embrace the experience of Harmonious Living. I am a Teacher & Vitality & Wellness Counsellor and Reiki Master.

I weave a holistic thread into all my work utilising Natural Harmonising sourced from many traditions embracing the powerful tools of therapeuti vibrational sound with Crystal and Tibetan bowls.
I have travelled the world learning much of what I share with my clients from variousSpiritual Teachers I have connected with along the way.

I share with you a unique blend of caring and wisdom with the intention of supporting you to open your life to the fullness of expression and potential that you deserve. 

Through my own life's experience and spiritual journey I have opened portals into deepening intuitive awareness. As we work together, you will feel yourself becoming more in touch and in tune with each precious moment of life and a deepening sense of Self Worth in life and your relationships.

If you feel you deserve more Harmony in your Life contact Morag .

Joy is our nature, beauty surrounds us, and we all deserve to let life fully touch us.I look forward to working with you and opening your heart to life and joy. 

By identifying the true cause of stress and distress in our lives and by seeing how our mind interprets events which contribute to our discomfort. My joy is in helping support you in opening the Doorway to the Rest of your Life.

Private consultations are now available on line or by phone and offer a unique and powerful opportunity for creating harmony in everyday life.

Consultations offer support in understanding our relationship with life and how we can use body awareness as a tool for transformation, creating a blueprint for nourishing Joyous Life - experiencing once again the joy of Living Life Alive.

Blessings and Smiles to all who choose to dance - Morag x

Contact with me at morag.turner@btconnect.com to schedule your first session.

Individual Session ( 1 hour) £60.00 
Single Consultation
Price: £60.00

or a contract of 10 Sessoions is available for £500.00

Contract of 10
Price: £500.00