Reiki Courses

The world could be a better place if more people learnt Reiki. You could then use all the energy that you currently use to be stressed, anxious and frustrated to create the life you want.
Reiki is:
Non religious
Easy to learn
With you for life
Reiki training allows you to access universal energy. This is similar to the energy accessed by many martial arts.

Use it in a hundred ways.

Help you to deal with stress and relax.
To keep you focused and in the “flow”.

Soothe pain and discomfort.

A Parent can use it to help a crying baby sleep at night.

You can't give too much Reiki. Once you are trained it is safe to use on yourself, family members, friends and pets.

Courses are currently taught in Deal Kent. All students will receive a manual and certificate for each course they attend.

I now only teach Reiki courses on a one to one basis. I used to run courses but feel my students get more from a course specifically tailored to them. I have taught people from all walks of life mothers, aritsts, actors, carers, mediums and office workers to name a few.

Courses can be run on weekdays or weekends.

Reiki 1 Course

The first step will allow you to treat yourself, your friends and your family. You will start to work with Reiki energy and build your confidence on using Reiki to help yourself and others. 

The course covers the following:

  •  Reiki and it's history
  •  Reiki 1 attunements
  •  Self treatments (with practice)
  •  Treating others (with practice)
  •  Everyday uses of Reiki
  •  Length of course - one day

Reiki 1st Degree one to one         £180.00

Reiki 2 Course

Once you have completed your Reiki 1 Course and developed confidence using Reiki in your life, you can progress to Reiki 2. You will learn some additional powerful techniques and be qualified to be a Reiki Practitioner, you can now start to receive payments for your treatments.

You are all individuals so I don't set a time limit between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 training. However most students leave 3-6 months after completing Reiki 1.

The Reiki 2 course includes the following:

    Reiki 2nd Degree one to one         £225.00

    Reiki 3 Master Practitioner Training 

    Reiki 3 is aimed at those wishing to receive the Master attunement and symbols but are undecided or do not wish to learn how to teach and attune others to Reiki. 

    The Reiki 3 course includes the following:

    •  Review and discussion of Reiki 2 and your experiences
    •  Learn 2 additional Reiki symbols
    •  Further techniques and exercises
    •  Length of course - one day

    Reiki 3rd Degree - one to one £245.00

    Reiki Mastership

    Reiki Mastership is one of the most profound experiences It is not the end of a learning experience but the beginning of your spiritual path.

    To reach this level you will need to complete both Reiki1 and Reiki2

    The Reiki Mastership Course 

    On completion of the Mastership requirement you will be able to give all attunements including the Healing attunement and the Master attunement.
    You should consider Mastership if:  

    • You feel you are ready for the commitment
    • You want to receive a higher vibration of the Reiki energy
    • You wish to further your own personal growth and spiritual evolution 
    • You wish to teach and attune others 
    • Length of course 5 ful days over the period of your course.
    • Includes one days on visoning and birthing your own Reiki Business.
    • 10 hours of additional support through your course by zoom video conferencing or phone 

    Reiki Master Course - one to one £1295.00

    Payment for thsi course can be made in intalments.

    Reiki Refresher Course  

    Some times you complete your Reiki courses but for some reason you stop using Reiki in your life. It may not be the right time for you. Don't worry Reiki never leaves you once you have been attuned. 

    I offer a two hour refresher course to take the opportunity to  go over any questions you may have, get your Reiki flowing  and practice treatments.

    This is your time and the course is tailor made to you. We can cover any area of Reiki up to the level you have been attuned to. 

    Reiki Refresher Training -

     One to one for two hours £80.00
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