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RELAX and be yourself. Let me help you calm your mind, relax your body and just be......Morag x

"I have known and worked with Morag for many years, as student, client, and friend, and I have personally experienced her profound gift of professional expressions of a unique blend of therapies and experiential wisdom offered with dedication to authentic and integral ways of working " .......click here for more

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To Live Life Alive is your core heart intent. When young, you lived life alive! You breathed fully and deeply, trusting life. You laughed out loud from your bellies and smiled from your hearts. You played and whirled and twirled with joy.

But stress and anxiety may of disconnected you from being truly happy.

Stress is part of modern day life and I specialise in not only clearing stress from you mind body and soul but also in helping you discover your stress triggers and managing them.

"Just a note to simply say THANKYOU I felt pure joy this morning, the numbness has gone. You have turned my world from black and white to colour." - Sarah
During consulations I offer altermative stress therapies helping clients clear away stress anxiety and negative energy that is disconnecting them from their true nature.

"Give me a day and I will illluminate your most empowered and beautiful self Morag x"

I offer one to one Therapy Sessions  weaving an experience with Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, and other Sacred Tools.

Quartz Crystal Bowls are powerfull evocative sonic tools.The produce a transformative resonate frequency that offer an alterative therapy for stress and anxiety.

Through the power of deep vibrational sound, you enter a realm of deep relaxation and meditative experiences.

 "I came to Morag looking for therapies to reduce stress and anxiety. I have experienced both  Reiki and Vibrtaional Sound therapy with Morag and have also just sat and talked - which I found equally invaluable. She's truly gifted, down to earth and very effective. I feel physically and emotionally stronger after visiting her. I was hoping for a small step forward but instead it's been more like an epiphany with seven-league boots on! Contact her now, you really will benefit."

Graham - East Grinstead

I also offer 'online sessions' globally specialising in finding your stress and anxiety triggers and developing coping strategies for them this opens the door to my experience and wisdom for those who cannot always travel to Kent UK. 
During our time together you will attune with your synergetic relationship with all of life and the body in which you live - expressing consciously at all levels of being. Its an ongoing process of jubilance and questioning - a wave like motion of experiences.

"There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens, this is the Light that shines in our heart" - Chandoyga Upanishad

I work as a Spiritual Mentor
, Personal Therapist & Vitality & Wellness Consultant in Kent.I also share unique and personalised Journeys into Self, embracing Therapeutic vibrational sound with Crystal & Tibetan bowls for deep relaxation and balancing which offer an alternative therapy for stress and anxiety.
Therapeutic Counselling is an expression of my life’s journey as a spiritual traveller learning from many teachers, Conscious Eating and embracing many Complementary Therapies. 

My treatment room is conveniently situated in Deal Kent which is easily accesed from London by road or rail.

Email: morag.turner@btconnect.com Mobile:07802713492



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